General Care

Pile Fabrics
All pile fabrics such as chenilles will flatten and shade with use. Creases will form where fillings constantly flex, e.g. seat and back cushions. This is normal on areas which receive most pressure such as arm pads, footrests and back slats. Depending on the yarns used in the construction of the fabric, light is reflected and gives the appearance of colour variation. These characteristics are common to all pile fabrics and should not be regarded as fabric faults. They can be minimized by regular brushing with a soft brush in the direction of the pile and steaming when the pile has flattened.
Other Fabrics And Leather
Vacuuming and using a gentle brush and dusting leather with a soft cloth should be sufficient to maintain your upholstery in good condition. For further advice on care or damage always consult a specialist.
Fabric Treatments
If your furniture has received a fabric protection treatment supplied by a third party. As manufacturers we cannot accept liability for any
issues that may occur and therefore any fabric protection problem must be referred to the agent who supplied the application.
Please Avoid:
Positioning your furniture in direct sunlight which will fade the fabrics and the wood polish. Sharp objects such as jewellery, toys and pets
claws can damage the fabric.
Show-wood Frames
Every piece of timber we use is a unique material designed and produced by nature itself. Therefore we cannot guarantee an exact match between pieces. The wood can be cleaned with a diluted solution of warm soapy water and vinegar and then buffed with a soft cloth. Do not use spray and other polishes which might make future repairs to the surface difficult. Top quality timber is used for all show wood frames. These are manufactured using traditional joinery techniques, including mortise and tenon joints, to ensure each piece of furniture will stand the test of time.
Action Chairs
Motorised and manual reclining chairs must be used with caution. Children and animals should be kept clear when operating – remember to warn visitors to take care.
  • Frequently check the cables for wear or entrapment.
  • Unplug when not in use.
  • DO NOT sit on the footrests or backs of the action chairs.

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