Cintique Frames and Springs

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

The majority of spring systems used in Cintique products are manufactured at one of the UK’s leading spring manufacturers, Wade Springs.

The patented Cintique four point suspension spring, was designed by the founder of Cintique, Jack Cinnamon, before the war. The Cintique spring system was a huge success to the point where it is still used in the majority of Cintique products today.

The system was designed with the comfort of the Cintique customer in mind; it consists of 17 individual steel coil springs, attaching to a cross running through the centre of the system. This spring system supports the seat’s cushions, is durable and provides superior comfort to the customer.

The natural beauty of wood

Only the finest quality solid wood is used for our show-wood frames. All of our timber comes from the renewable forests of Europe; forests which are skillfully managed to maintain a stock of fine quality trees for the future. The individual grain of these natural materials enables us to give each of our models its own beauty and distinctive identity.

Cintique products are built using either Ash, Beech or Oak wood frames, the wood used is responsibly sourced and of the highest quality.

The Cintique show-wood is imported into the factory in Nottingham from trusted suppliers in Slovenia and Italy. Before it arrives in the UK, it is intricately crafted in their factories to each models requirements.

The show-wood pieces are checked upon arrival into our factory, the prepped pieces are then ready to be assembled and are kept in the wood stores until they are required for an order.

A water based stain is used to colour the Cintique frames. The frames are dipped into the containers and held until the dye has soaked the wood thoroughly. For orders requiring frames in the less popular colours, the wood is stained by hand with a spray gun in a separate booth.

After the staining process the frames are wiped down and set aside to dry where any excess stain is drained off. At this point, Quality Control checks are performed to ensure that no splits/cracks in the wood have formed in the staining and drying process. The frame is then checked to see that there are no drip marks or any damage on the frame as a whole.

After the frames pass the Quality Control checks (QCC), they then need spraying with a protective lacquer coating. This protects the stain that has been added to the wood giving it a high quality finish and an aesthetically pleasing sheen. The frames are sprayed and then hand sanded again to remove any rough sections, this process is repeated 3 times. After the lacquer has been applied further QCC are performed before the springs are added to the frames.

Due to our continued confidence in the Cintique product, craftsmanship and quality, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee* on all frames and springs.

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